Membership Card Guide and FAQs


Many soon-to-be members of our Union ask, "What information do I need to fill out the card? Why?" Here is a quick guide to the AFSCME Council 93 Membership Card as it pertains Local 4802 Vermont Homecare United:

(Please note that it is alright if you did not fill out your card precisely as this guide says. As long as you put your name, a way to contact you, and your Local Number 4802, Union staff can reach out and get the remaining information.)

A screenshot of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 93 electronic Membership Card, with some sections filled as an example. (New Member, First name Jane, Last name Doe).

1. Local Number: Our Local is 4802!

2. First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name: First and Last name are required. Middle Initial is optional.

3. Address: Your street address, city, state, and ZIP code are required. Address 2 is optional and for things like your apartment number (if applicable).

4. Agency/Department: Here, you should put "Vermont Homecare". 

5. Employer: Here, you should put "ARIS", "Vermont DAIL", or "Client", you do not need to put your client's name.

6. Employee ID: Leave this section blank.

7. Occupation/Job Title: You should put "Homecare Worker", "Home Health Aide", or "Independent Direct Support Provider".

8. SSN (Last Four Digits): This is required. It is used distinguish between members with the same name.

9. Personal Email Address: This is required. It is very important so that we are able to send you invitations to meetings and give updates!

10. Cell Phone: This is required. Like your email, it is incredibly important so that we can stay in touch with each other!

11. Authorization: You can sign online using your mouse or finger (if you have a touchscreen). Do not worry if it isn't perfect, nobody finds it easy to sign things this way. This authorizes ARIS to deduct dues money (2% of what you make) from your paycheck, supporting yourself and your fellow union members. 

12. Click "Join Now!" and you're done!


Q1. How much do dues cost?

A1: Dues are 2% of what you make per paycheck. This comes out to be $5 to $10 per week if you care for someone full time (At least 20 hours per week). If you work only part time it will be less.

For example: If you work 30 hours a week at $14.05/hr (current minimum), and get paid biweekly, You would pay $16.86 per paycheck, $8.43 per week. 

If you work only intermittently, such as 4 hours on some Saturdays for $18.00/hr, you would only pay dues whenever you get a paycheck. At $18.00 for 4 hours you would pay $1.44 in dues.

Q2. Why do we pay dues? 

A2. Dues allow your Union to be able to pay for the resources we need to fight for all of us. It goes towards printing flyers and other materials, paying on-call organizers and union staff to help us grow and negotiate, help members facing hardship as during the 2023 floods, and more. Without these resources, it would be difficult to match the State and protect ourselves as well as those we care for. While the only power that can win anything comes from members standing together, organizers and other staff make it possible for us to schedule meetings, find new members, and coordinate members towards a common goal. This was the case in 2023 when with the help of staff we were able to enforce our contract and win nearly $1 million in unpaid bonuses we earned.

Q3. What does being a member mean?

A3. Being a member means working together with your fellow homecare workers to change your work for the better using the power that comes from your unity and numbers. More specifically, it allows you to participate in running the Local, coming to meetings, voting on decisions, ratifying contracts,and show Vermont through our numbers that we matter.

It additionally allows you to access Unionplus benefits. 

Q4. Am I protected by the contract and Union even if I am not a member?

A4. The contract protects every homecare worker caring for a client funded through a Medicaid program like Choices for Care, but the contract and Union are only as strong as its members! All homecare workers in Vermont this applies to are paid through ARIS Solutions, and is represented by AFSCME Local 4802 in negotiations with the State of Vermont over things like wages, working conditions, and anything else do to with our work. Everyone also has the right for the Union to represent them if needed, which is free for Union members. All of these workers are eligible to join their Union, Local 4802. 

Again, our contract and union are only as strong as its members, the only way to make the changes Vermont needs and protect what is already great is to join your fellow homecare workers in your Union! Click here to fill out the AFSCME Council 93 Membership Card