Why Join?

1. Collective Bargaining Rights

As a union, we engaged in collective bargaining with the State over our wages and working conditions. That means that rather than bargaining for individual increases and improvements, we pool our resources and our voices together to bargain one contract that applies to all of us. Contracts typically last two years, and are negotiated by home health workers with the assistance of AFSCME organizers. 

2. Build Power

When we engage in collective bargaining, we do so under the principle that our voices are more powerful together than any single voice can be alone. That is why we need you! Our power at the bargaining table comes solely from our members. By becoming a member, you build our union's power and make it possible for us to achieve better terms in our contracts.

3. Voting & Representation

Once a tentative agreement is reached between our bargaining team and the State, the contract will go to our members to vote on whether or not to ratify it. Only members of the union have voting rights. Becoming a member also guarantees that you'll have a voice in future union decisions outside of the contract.

4. Solidarity

Home health workers often end up feeling isolated and alone due to the siloed nature of the job. Joining the union will provide you with a group of other home healthe workers who understand what you are going through and want to help. Whether it's helping you file a grievance or just lending a listening ear, union members are here to support one another.

5. AFSCME Advantage Program

Through the AFSCME Advantage Program, union members have access to special perks, including discounts on your phone plan, auto insurance, and entertainment, as well as free college classes and a unique credit card option. Find out more in our Resources tab under Member Benefits.